Oxshott and Cobham Music Society

Subscription renewal

SUBSCRIPTIONS: £80 per annum with the concession of £5 for applications sent to our membership secretary, Cherry Eddy, by the 1st September 2017.

Young people under 26 years, may continue to attend concerts free of charge.

PATRONSPatrons are an important part of our Society. Their minimum donation of £45.00 or £75 per couple helps us to fund one concert each year. However, we are not unaware of rising costs, and artists must be paid a fair fee so we are always delighted to welcome another Patron to the ranks. Each Patron receives two guest tickets for the Patrons' Concert and an acknowledgement in the programme, unless they prefer to remain anonymous.


Thank you to all those who have

contributed so much in terms of work

and donations, in our last season.

 Without you we could not continue.


HELP is always very welcome and essential for the smooth running of concerts. The Society has no paid members and so all the preparation and organisation for each concert has to be done by the membership. Please indicate on the Application Form the duties you would be willing to give on a rota basis, particularly on concert evenings. Information about help required is shown below.

1. Setting up church/hall etc prior to concert – this takes place usually at 5pm and involves arranging the tables and chairs in the foyer for ticket, programme and drinks sales and in the hall for artists' meal and the interval refreshments.

2. Rearrange church/hall etc after concert – the major part of this job is to make sure the church and hall are left as found! Only occasionally after the Celebrity Concert must chairs be repositioned. In the hall, the tables and chairs both there     and in the foyer area need to be replaced in the cupboards in the hall. There are two teams of members to attend to the church and the hall. 10 minutes is all that is needed.

    You will not be asked to do the whole of these jobs alone! Several people will be involved and more when it is likely to be a more than usually well attended event.

3. Fire steward duty – we are required by the church to provide 2 fire stewards at each concert. They have to sit in the side aisles close to the 2 fire exits. The committee is aware that this is a great imposition for members, however we take       the safety of members very seriously, and therefore encourage members to volunteer for this duty, on the basis that they will not be asked to perform it more than once in a season

4. Door Management – normally from 7.15pm on concert days – two members to check tickets as the audience enters the church.

5. Stage Management – to ensure that chairs, music stands etc are in the right place at the right time for the different items during the concert.

6. Help with lighting/amplification – from 7.30pm and during concert. The operation of the public address system during concerts, and appropriate dimming of lights during performance are an important support to both the Chairman and the Stage Management of our concerts.  We are happy to provide operating notes and assistance to members interested in taking part in these activities, which are not time consuming, difficult, nor reliant on just one person. A rota will be arranged.

7. Organising Helpers Rota - Entails telephoning volunteers prior to each concert

8. Serving interval drinks – report at kitchen at 7.30pm for instructions

9. Selling programmes and drink tickets – from 7.15pm on concert days

10. Providing refreshments for artists – a pre-concert meal (preferably hot in cold weather) in the church hall for the performers. It is necessary to arrive with food at approx 5.30pm to lay table and re-heat food. The artists usually eat at 6.15pm. The Society reimburses the costs.


11. Providing accommodation for artists – providing B & B accommodation, usually for 1 or 2 overseas artists. The Society is happy to reimburse costs.

12. Page turning (for pianists) - Sometimes the task may include an afternoon rehearsal with the pianist. More members volunteering would be welcome. Please arrive at about 7.30pm to liaise with the performer and familiarise yourself with the music. You will normally be asked to turn pages just once in the season. (Since this member is not having the benefit of the concert like the rest of us, we offer a reduced membership of £65 for the season.)

13. Publicity - both advertising and pre/post-concert – ideas and thoughts + help welcome.

14. Distribution of publicity – our brochures are the best advertisement of our Society. We circulate these to libraries and other places such as doctors' and dentists' surgeries, council offices, notice boards, shops, indeed anywhere where people have to wait and maybe read.

15. Providing lifts – some of our members have a problem in getting to concerts and record evenings. If members are willing to provide a lift for someone in their area or on their route, please advise us.

16. Organising Sponsorship  and other financial deals for the benefit of the Society

17. Need contact by a Committee Member - Indicate here if you need clarification of any of the above.


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